The Historic Martial Art of Capturing, Restraining and Transporting Prisoners

Hojo jitsu by Master Tatu
A summary of the history of this martial art given by Don Angier Sensei
on his groundbreaking 1988 Videos.

Hojojutsu by Dr Richard Cleaver
Includes his 1988 translations of the renownd Nawa Yumio Sensei's work.
1964 "Studies in Jitte and Torinawa" (Tokyo: Yuzankaku Shuppan) and
Nawa Yumio 's 1985 book, "An Illustrated Encyclopedia for Historical Studies: Constables' Tools"
(Tokyo: Shinjinbutsu Orai-sha)

Hojojutsu by Sqaddie

Edo Period Torture by Dr. Richard Cleaver
In another first, in 1999 Dr. Cleaver brings to the west from the world's formost authority,
Nawa Yumio's, on the Edo Torture techniques.

HojoJutsu Video