Kinbaku Lessons in Japan

Ok you are going to be traveling to Japan? Interested in taking lessons? Want to take lessons from a Japanese Bakushi?

This is here to list where one may receive Kinbaku lessons in Japan...

For reference: (approximate)
1000 yen = 11 USD / 7 British Pounds
4000 yen = 44 USD / 28 British Pounds
10,000 yen = 110 USD / 70 Pounds
15,000 yen = 165 USD / 105 Pounds

Disclaimer: All locations, days, times, and availability are subject to change. Use this as leads and verify current information and registration requirements before you go.

NOTE: If you have any additions to this listing, please contact:
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Updates as more information is shared:


Arisue Go - Night School

Arisue Go is perhaps the most well known bakushi in Japan due to his roll as the bondage master in recent Hana to Hebi / Flower & Snake movies. He has written a number of book / dvd tutorials over the years.

  • Lessons basically every Saturday night in Tokyo.
  • Per 2.5-hour lesson - 10,000yen/person 15,000yen/couple

Contact Kogure here on Fetlife. She speaks very good English. I met met Kogure in 2007. I took her and Esinem to Arisue go's studio which is when she met Arisue-go for the first time. She then became one of his model 's and a business partner in Jugoya, Arisue go' website which markets his rope, books and DVD sales.

Bingo at Ubu

Ubo is run by Bingo-san and Yoi-san
Ubo is in Shinjuku

Website: for map/ location:

  • 4000 yen / lesson
  • 1700hr to 1900hr for basic
  • 1500hr to 1700hr regular class

Lessons at Ubu are still once a month, but not a fixed schedule,
however there are also lessons every Wednesday from 19h




Hajime Kinoko & Umitsuki Kurage Lessons at Kunkun

Hajime Kinoko -
Umitsuki Kurage -
Location - Kunkun is located in Ueno, a suburb of Tokyo. See:

  • Beginners Classes - Every Tuesday from 19h30 to 21h30
  • Intermediate Classes - 2nd and 4th Tuesday 21h30 to 23h30
  • Cost is 3000 for beginners and 5000 for intermediate

        There is also advanced class in Kunkun, taught by Kinoko
himself, once a month, on Thursday. Schedule is usually first or second Thursday of the month.... but anyways, you need to graduate intermediate first and then you will get mails for the schedule.



Hajime Kinoko at Sleeping Beauty

Shigure San at Sleeping Beauty


  • Location: Shibuya - MAP
  • Lessons on 1st and 3rd Sunday

(Thanks to Meila-Reikaand Nawa-kun aka Osaka Dan for assisting with the compilantion of this list and keeping us updated on this information)


『獅子若 Shishiwaka san ~Shishi-nawa-kai
One of Japan`s most renowned and active [Kinbaku] Rope Artist`s, Shishiwaka san is prominent in both underground club and SM scenes throughout Kansai and Kanto regions of Japan.

While remaining one of the original members of the `Ichi-nawa-kai` headed by Hajime-Kinoko, Shisiwaka san has also established his own [Shishi-nawa-kai] based in Osaka. The premise of this group is to open Kinbaku culture to the wider community through workshops, events and collaborative projects within both the SM culture as well as other underground scenes.

Rope Classes/Events

  • Twice Monthly on Sunday 12:00~16:00(workshop) +16:00~19:00 (free time)
  • Available for private tuition


『風見蘭喜 Kazami Ranki

Although commonly known as the Atrocious Nawashi, Kazami Ranki's Kinbaku show truly highlights the nature and spirit of the woman in her bound element. Kazami-san organizes a number of SM events throughout Tokyo and Osaka in addition to his regular events LIBIDO, "Bakuetsu no Utage" and "Kinbakuyugi-Gekitotsu." He remains one of Japan`s most sought-after rope artist and appears in regular live shows around the country as well as in numerous DVDs.

  • Monthly Rope get-together on Friday evenings.
  • Organiser of Kinbaku Event [LIBIDO] which takes place over long weekends and during holiday periods in Japan. The schedule is in Japanese only however if you wish to attend his events please mail me for more information about upcoming events. (I will also do my best to keep events posted here)
  • Available for private tuition  10,000 per hour, two hour minimum.

        Milla Reika also provides translation services for Kazami-san's lessons.


『ミラ嶺花 Milla Reika -Matrix

Milla Reika first began her career as a Mistress/Kinbaku Rope Artist is 2010 in Osaka, Japan. Her training and introduction to the deep world of Japanese SM and Kinbaku began at Matrix SM&Bondage Bar under instruction of Mistress Takmine Ren and Shishi-waka san of Ichi-nawa-Kai. From 2011 Milla moved her career to the stage where she now performs regularly at Kinbaku/SM Events throughout Osaka and Tokyo.

From 2012, following retirement of her Master, Takamine Ren, Milla took on management of Matrix SM bar in addition to starting up her own SM& Fetish Performance Event Team, [Nymphetamine]

  • Rope Classes on 2nd and 4th Monday evening of each month 19:00~24:00 (in English and Japanese)

-Milla Reika can provide lessons in English in Osaka at her club Matrix.

She charges on a sliding scale depending on students goals. Please contact her at link above for details.



Lesson at happening bar bliss out
by Otonawa.

Here is english info. Not sure if it is every week, but it seems to take place on Sundays.



『篠宮紫稔 Shiho Shinomiya at SM/Fetish/Gothic Bar `Witasexutopia`

Shiho-san`s style and grace draws her audience into a world of Aestheicism and decadence, where pain/pleasure, masochism/sadism, ugly/beautiful do not stand in contradiction but exist as one. Her rope and performance is both poetic and empowering.

Rope Classes/Events:

  • 4th Sunday of each month at WitaSexUtopia. 15:00~
  • Shiho also runs a regular event night at WitasexUtopia on 4th Saturday of each month


『武田 Takeda-san at Club X Kinbaku Salon

  • 3rd Saturday evening of each Month Takeda-san runs the 関西昭和縄会 `Kansai Showa Rope` Event. In a beautiful traditional Japanese apartment, the raw aroma of Tatami tantalising the senses one can enjoy Kinabaku in its purest form. This is a rare chance to see some of Osaka`s great Kinabku artists off the stage and in a more at-home/private style setting.
  • Club-X is open Monday-Saturday evenings. While not open to the public it may be possible to attend with introduction from someone in the scene. Please note that this is not so much a regular SM club but rather a private home which has been established as a meeting point for Kinbaku artists and lovers.

Disclaimer: All locations, days, times, and availability are subject to change. Use this as leads and verify current information and registration requirements before you go.

NOTE: If you have any additions to this listing, please contact:
Tatu Email