Nawa-aikido (c)

by Tatu

May 2005

Nawa-aikido refers to a style of erotic Japanese Rope Bondage in the Kinbaku-bi tradition. The style was developed and the term coined by Rope Master Tatu, who is also an Aikido practitioner. It is used to describe the way of experiencing love and harmonious energy through the rope bondage journey.

photo by Valerie Place (2004)
shevah and tatu
As seen in Secret Magazine Issue 26
Shibaricon 2004

This style guides both to Rope Artist and his canvass, the "nawa jujun" (rope bottom), to focus using breathing & meditaion techniques to center their "ki" energy. The rope bottom surrenders to the rope Master's bindings of pleasure, the Artist melding his energy with an open vessel.  

A full realm of ritualistic and erotic senses are used to help the rope bottom find her soul space. Combined with his harmonious energies, the movement of her energies results in sensations of internal pleasure and altered states of euphoric consciousness and even full body energy orgasms.   

The word Nawa-aikido is made up of the following Japanese word construction:

nawa = rope

aikido = a martial art centered on the way of harmony

aikido is made up of three words:

ai = love / harmony / unifying

ki = harmony, center of energy, life's energy

do = the way

Hence nawa-aikido shibari style is:

    "the way of love and harmonious energy through rope binding"

(c) 2005.  "Nawa-aikido" / "Nawa aikido" is a term coined by Tatu. All rights reserved. Usage must refer the reader to Tatu or Tatu Publications as copyright owner of this term.