In Japan there is an annual festival called O'Bon. It is a time of
rememberance and reflection upon those who have gone on before us.

At O'Bon it is believed that these cherished ancestors, return in spirit for a while. At the end of the festival loved ones write messages to our departed friends, place them on a boat ,or as a floating lantern; and float it away across the water. This symbolizes the soul's return to the place of peace and harmony and reminds us that we can not hang on, but must move forward with our lives..

In Memorium

The Rope Masters


Akechi Denki

July 17, 2005
Another Japanese Rope
Great passed from us.

Osaida Eikichi

Sept 12, 2001
The Japanese Rope Art
world mourns the passing
of a Nawashi icon.

Tammad Ramilia - The Gentleman Barbarian

Hans Meijer

The Japanese say in the Tea Ceremony....

"ichi-go - ichi-e", meaning "one time - one life". Reminding us that we have "each moment only once", that the past is gone and the future may never come. Your whole life, really only exits in the moment. So as you are experiencing it, hold on to it.

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