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.... a student of the art of rope

Tatu has is a Dominant Male who resides in south Florida.  His journey into bondage erotic arts began as a boy one summer when he spent the summer at his grandmother's home in Shreveport, Louisiana.  He remembers as early as about age 9 -11 (1962-1964) seeing at the convenience store across the railroad tracks, those "Detective Styled" magazines on the top shelf of the magazine rack. He reached for one and the clerk came out from behind the counter and asserted a firm, no, that those were for adults.  On the covers were bound and gagged, buxom beauties.

Little did he know that in a few years when he was working on his Eagle Boy Scout award, and completing his knot tying merit badge, how much he would be using those skills in the future for erotic roping purposes.

His studies in Japanese Culture began while in college (72-76). His interests in Rope for erotic play began in 1977, when he first able to see first hand some Japanese Bondage and Damsel in Distress Western Cult Magazines while a graduate student in New Orleans, Louisiana.

His interests were played out  personally with some bedroom bondage through the 1980s. In the early 1990's his interests and studies  became focused in the Japanese Style of Rope Bondage.

He is basically a self taught practioner, grabbing knowledge from anywhere he could along the way. When he first started doing Japanese styled rope suspensions, however, there was no one that he was aware of doing such in the West. He started by studying the suspensions of Randa Mai in his Tokyo Torture Chamber Series. He found no resources on the internet at the time. In fact as time when by and websites started appearing about Japanese Rope, he found that some commercial websites seemingly just made things up about the history, art, and terminology.  He can only assume they did this for the purpose of selling their content. He found this very frustrating and in response began his journey to find historically the genre of the Japanese Rope Art style.

He continues this journey to this day. He remains a student of the art, stating, "the more I learn, the more I see I will be a lifelong student".

"I remember my father who had a wall plague the said beside the image of green tomatoes, 'as long as you are green, you are growing'. Then underneath that, there were some red, but rotting tomatoes, which along side said, 'but the minute you think you are ripe, is when you begin to turn rotten'.  "

He has found no Grand Masters of Japanese Rope teaching traditional rope in a sacred dojo, such as we find in the tea ceremony or in the martial arts, such as in Aikido in O-Sensei Ueshiba Morihei. Instead, he discovered a hodge podge of various experiences flowing down from the practices of the ancient Samurai martial art, hojo-jutsu, and expressed by the ancient wood block artists from the 1600s. 

Many thanks go out for the translation efforts of Dr. Richard Cleaver, an American who back in the 90's was living and working in Japan as a translator while he worked on his advanced degrees. He helped to introduce many of these ancient Japanese martial arts and concepts to the west. His works were first reprinted here at this D/s ARts website many years ago with his permission.

He is also grateful to the many emails over the years with Dr D. Vice, a photographer and professional performer in Japan, who has kindly helped in Tatu's journey, as well as more recently Master K.

Tatu formed the Adult Rope Art Yahoo Group in 2001 in the belief that the best way to discover the history and learn techniques was to create a forum for rope practitioners around the world to come together and share.  Since there is no "O Sensei" in the Japanese rope world, he believed that the principle needed was that the knowledge and wisdom of the many is far superior to any one person or small group of persons. This e-group now has over 10,000 members; rope practitioners from around the world, sharing their knowledge of history, techniques and contributing to the general safety and enjoyment of all.

With the help of the many much of the mythology has been weeded through and recognized; and people in the west have a fairly accurate understanding today of the art of Japanese inspired rope bondage, much more so than they did just 5 or 6 years ago.  

You will often find Tatu asking simple questions like: "Where did you get that idea or information from?" or "What is your source on that?"  He will ask this even when he knows the answer just to inspire the thinking and discussion of all  as well as to honestly motivate others to discover and share their findings... and hopefully resources of things that yet are to be explored.

Tatu enjoys Japanese art in many forms, gardening, food,
martial arts, taiko drumming, tattoo, and general eastern philosophy.

He considers himself "Eastern School" D/s or S.I.L.K.

He founded Shibari South Florida in 2000, which teaches rope
to interested persons around south Florida. It began in his home at first and recently moved to larger venues to accommodate the numbers of interested persons.

He is honored to have been asked to teach rope at a number of national and local events around the country throughout the year.

Background Photo Credit: Lochai

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