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Master Tatu is available for workshops, demonstrations, public or private performances, and conventions; as well as personal instruction, training, and lifestyle coaching for individuals or couples.

The Way of Rope / Weekend Dojo is a 12 - 16 hour intensive rope education weekend.

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The Following Class Descriptions are for courses available to be presented at your event. If you have an interest in having Tatu for a couple of presentations for your Convention, or an intensive Nawa Dojo (12 - 16hr - Rope Weekend Workshop) for your group of bondage enthusiasts, please contact Tatu at

Private Tuition
Instruction is available for private students. 

Course Overviews

  "The Way of Japanese Rope"

arrow Tatu's Nawa Do
"Nawa Do" literally means in Japanese The Way of Rope.
Tatu's has been presenting Nawa Do clases since 1998.  
Master Tatu’s Classes – (Revised November 2012)

arrowHands – On Classes - Taught is traditional dojo format  
  • Japanese Styled Chest Harnesses I – Basic Gote & Ushiro Takate Kote

  • Japanese Styled Chest Harnesses II – Tasuki & Hon Kikkou

  • Japanese Styled Chest Harnesses III – Hishi Gote & Kikkou Gote – Integrating a Hishi (diamond) form or Kikkou (tortoise) shape with a classic Gote Shibari.

  • Japanese Styled Chest Harnesses IV –– Binding Arms in Front in a box arm (Zenpou Gote Shibari), in cross arm position (Zenpou Takate Shibari);  and in a straight arm position (Maete Hiji Shibari); a class the flexibly challenged will love!

  • Japanese Styled Chest Harnesses V - Ushiro Gassho (2 forms) & Teppou Shibari (Warning: not for the flexibly challenged.)

  • Japanese Styled Body Weaves – 3 different techniques to weave the body in a hishi or kikkou nawa & various western adaptations.  

  • Yukawaza I – Basic Floor Art – \Arm and Leg Laddering  the Japanese way. 
    Mae te Nawa - Arm ladder to front
    Ryouashi Gattai Ichimonji Shibari
    is binding the legs / leg laddering.

  • Yukawaza II – Advanced Floor Art – Covered will be basic to Intermediate techniques such as the Futomomo,  “Kani” (crab position), the “M” position, “Gyaku-ebi”, and Osuinu shibari

  • Japanese Styled Hip Harnesses 

  • Binding Limbs – Knots and No-Knots  / Sword Hilt Wrap /  Single limb binding /
    Binding two wrists - Ryo Tekubi

  • Hojojutsu I - Hayanawa - A brief history, learning the “Hojo bundle & 3 “fast rope” techniques

  • Hojojutsu - Part II - Hon nawa - Learning "main rope" techniques using the long rope used for restraining and transporting a prisoner or suspect securely

arrowAdvanced Kinbaku - Suspensions - These hands on classes are only taught with private tutition with a maximum of 3 couples at a time. who have first  mastered pre-requisite basic and intermediate forms. Students should tie on the floor for 3 or 4 years before attempting to take someone into the air.  ~Tatu

arrowCombination Demo / Hands – On
  • Take to nawa - Bamboo & Rope  - Learning techniques of “Bo-Shibari” or being bound to a pole.

  • Sex Shibari Style I - A look at three Japanese forms that are useful in more intimate rope encounters.

  • Sex Shibari Style II - Three More Kinbaku forms are taught that can make your sex life come alive.

arrowExperiential Classes
  • Nawa-aikido: The Way of Harmonious Energy with Rope

  • The Way of Rope - Defining your personal journey with rope.

arrowDemonstation Classes
  • Beauty in Suffering: The Way of Torturous Rope - Semenawa techniques developed from traditional Japanese Torture techniques adapted for our erotic and rough pleasure. Includes pressing, hugging stones, riding he Japanese pony, kinky uses of bamboo and much more.

  • Japanese Aesthetics - Understanding the Aesthetics of Japanese culture & how it is basic to Kinbaku. (Combination of live demonstration and Powerpoint.)
arrowAcademic Courses
  • Torture to Erotic Surrender: A History of Rope Bondage From a Japanese Cultural Perspective  - PowerPoint / Lecture - Learn the journey of rope in Japanese culture and it's development from its martial & penal uses to its modern development into and erotic art

  • The Basics of Rope Bondage - Materials, safety, style etc.. A 30 minute introduction for newbies to the rope world.

  • East vs West: A history of style – A powerpoint presentation demonstrating the history of rope bondage comparing styles and techniques. (currently in development)

  •  Merinthophila - Do you have sexual urges or preferences for being tied up? Then you may suffer from Merinthophila? If so you may need "rope therapy" to help you embrace and enjoy your fetish. Why do you like rope? Is it the art? The energy? The embrace? The struggle? What is it about being tied up or tying others that flips your switch? Join us for this round table to understand our rope diverse journey. 

arrowFull Weekend Workshops
  • Basic & Intermediate levels of Kinbaku     9-12hrs of instruction.

  •  Advanced levels of Kinbaku (Suspensions) are only offered to private students / maximum of 3 couples per weekend class.

arrowCommunity / Non Rope Classes
  • NOTE: The following are classes based upon Master Tatu's academic and professional background in psychology and counseling.

  • Building Community & The ARt of the Apology – What is a Community? How do we find a sense of meaning and cooperation is what it is that we do? How do we finding a resolution to relationship problems and other community issues.

  • When Is A BDSM Environment Actually a Cult? - What is a healthy environment for participants in the BDSM world.

  • Being True To Yourself - Adventures in living outside the box!

  • Organizing your local BDSM Education and Support Group - A class based upon the experiences of helping to organize a fairly successful group in the 90s and studying groups that failed and why. Issues will be presented such as: should we follow the rules and be legal or fly under the radar?